At The Crossings

There lies a junction of smoke and fog
made of silence woven in thirsty logs,
From trees whose leaves well long have fell
on tracks that’ve lost it sound and bells.

It fences this land, from one none’s tread
a land of life from a land of dead,
But come the sound of a crossing green
and we’ll march on lands little have seen.

We, as a civilization have been progressing uncontrollably. At such a rate it becomes
hard to keep track of the very meaning of progress itself. We’re at most in a blind
rally carrying banners that mean very less to us and are thus perpetually set at an
internal and an external crossing. Unable to cross this barrier, we’re waiting for a
train to pass, a train of say ideas or wisdom or knowledge to open the barriers and
set us free.

In a world piling with stagnancy and monotony, fresh ideas and innovations are
required which will provide not only meaning, but solutions to this critical state we
dwell in. Though influential and macro ideas are surely needed, it is about time to
focus on the very primal level, of be art, technology, psychology, spirituality,
business etc. to actually create a wave of change.

TEDxMNITJaipur walks on a very straight and simple track.This track takes us to a
changed world, where not only new ideas are incubated, but ideas with deeper
purpose and designs are contemplated upon ,which reflect how well we’ve understood our innate design.


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