Shards by Urvashi Awasthi

Shattering shivering lone
Once a part of elixir
Now gazing at the dust laden pieces
Thinking about the storm

Was it blood, was it a silent place in the abyss
Was it a dreadful conception
Was it a premeditated reality of the unknown

The authenticity of the virtual world was in question
It was a premonition
Those glances, missed chances, blushing smile were seldom

Too soon it was, to crack the code
Brokenness had taken full room
A ray, vague, faint and famished for hope still existed

Momentary gushes, sudden blows
Caused the turbulence in the equanimous soul
Reconciliation a meek contingency
Shards were serene, with every sheath of dust
Undressing the dilemmas of affection misconstrued
Whole and united were conjectural

With time, shiver subdued to silence
Shattered merely a physical state
Lone, reinforcement in disguise

Mended, minuscule and mone
Now a part of experience
Life changed for the beautiful after the storm.


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