TEDxMNITJaipur 2016

MNIT hosted its first ever TEDx talk on October 21, 2016  in the MNIT campus. An initiative to create and propagate ideas, the event featured four distinguished speakers from different walks of life who shared their ideas and experiences with the audience. The event kicked off with Prof. Dilip Sharma, Dean Student Welfare felicitating the speakers. The speakers included Dainik Bhaskar’s associate Vice President of brand marketing and a major cartoonist Mr Vikas Singh, Roads safety ambassador and social worker Mr Chetan Pardeshi, debater and news panellist Megha Rathore and entrepreneur and innovator Mr Rituraj Singh.

Mr. Vikas Singh stressed that comics were more than fun filled caricatures and cartoons, but had hidden social messages to convey too. Mr. Pardeshi emphasised the importance to follow road safety measures as the roads contribute to the most number of causalities in almost any country.  Ms. Rathore spoke on public shaming and how it is the responsibility of society to put it to an end. Mr. Rituraj Singh argued about converging technology and business.

With each speaker speaking for about 18 minutes to an audience comprising of about a 100 people, various topics were touched and different genres explored. The theme of the event was ‘Singing a Different Tune‘ and the speakers showcased how daily life things should be approached with a fresh and unique perspective. Two official TED talks of Sir Ken Robinson and Keith Barry were also shown.

The event concluded with presenting mementos to speakers by student organizers, The tremendous response from the students of the college promises to make TEDxMNITJaipur an annual ritual for years to come!


The Junction 

We often find ourselves at the junction of uncertainty, waiting for the train of thought to pass by, hoping for it to bestow us with new, riveting ideas to enrich our lives. But how often do we chase opportunities, that allow the thoughts residing deep down in our hearts, to materialize? 

“The Junction”, an event bubbling with ideas, emerging out of the very heart of MNIT itself, was hosted by TEDxMNITJaipur on 20th September, 2017 where two of our own teachers, Mr. Nischal Jain and Mrs. Ambika Singh narrated their brilliant stories on how they overcame all barriers after being stuck at the crossings. Mr. Nischal Jain spoke of his journey as a prolific and talented cartoonist along with his varied interests in numerous fields. Mrs. Ambika Singh recounted her struggle with excess material possessions and how she battled it effectively with the approach of minimalism, a revolutionary concept that has taken the world by storm. The evening was sensational which motivated the audience to brainstorm and present their unique ideas as well. 
In this odyssey of discovering the most ordinary ideas, to inspire us in the most extraordinary ways, we come across certain moments that open our minds to new notions, that aim at broadening our perspective.

photo credits: Jagat Jay Shah

‘Spot The X’ Challenge

The ‘Spot The X’ challenge was an initiative by TEDxMNITJaipur to find the most creative eye. The students were asked to spot the shape of an ‘x’ present anywhere around them and post it on social media with the hashtag #spotthex to get a chance of winning a free ticket to TEDxMNITJaipur to be held on 13th January 2018. The challenge went on to be a source of entertainment for the students rather bored with studies but also took the form of an awareness campaign that pushed them to rethink about the crossings (barriers) they face. 
The images below convey the vibe of the challenge: 

TEDxGlobal Day

In this modern age of digitization, we often fail to appreciate the people around us who are making our lives easier on a day-to-day basis. We have often looked down on them and find them being disrespected for their supposedly menial work.

To erase the boundaries between our illusions and the reality, the team at #TEDxMNITJaipur set out on a general survey. The first person we talked to was a guard at MNIT. He was very open-minded and jovial, contrary to what people usually assume. He pointed out the shortcomings in the existing system by recalling his experiences in the 3 years that he worked in this college. He felt that he and his coworkers were not given enough importance by the higher authorities and students alike. After walking out of the guard’s room, we caught an auto-rickshaw and struck a conversation with the driver who surprised us by saying that he was extremely content with his job. When asked about the apps offering taxi services, he was quite indifferent towards the same as he believed that he was more profitable than them in this locality anyway. He cited that demonetization and fluctuating prices as his major hurdles. We then coaxed him into revealing any bad experiences that he might have had with rude customers, to which he went oddly mute. Then he dropped us off to a posh, upscale restaurant where we stopped by to have a chat with the waiters but we were met with the angry glances and constant interruptions of the manager thus highlighting that the waiters are not being given a voice. Our next stop in this journey was a petrol pump where the employees had much to say. They complained that their qualifications had not fetched them government jobs as they had been promised and how they are always ridiculed for the work they do and their low wages. Our final destination was the paan vendor who seemed quite convinced that the online market could never replace him. His financial troubles made him compromise with his morals by promoting the sale of harmful products.

This brought us to the end of a long evening, which shattered several myths.
We are quick to judge people based on an overwhelming number of parameters yet it took just one evening with some stimulating conversations to bridge the gap that we had formed in our minds.


I find myself At the Crossings

Waiting for the train to pass by

So that I can walk over to the other side

When I delve into the core of my mind

I am bound to find

A certain darkness enveloping me

Sourcing from my fears unintentionally

These fears jeopardise my mind’s balance

Driving me towards a persistent turmoil

These fears imperil the strongest of my abilities

Pushing me deeper into a dark void

Being struck down with a raging dilemma

I take a drastic step

To overcome the obstacles without any help

Hoping for a new beginning as the seasons change

I shed my inhibitions like the trees shed their leaves of autumn

I shed my fears before I find myself at the bottom

So the next time I am stuck at the crossings

I’ll know better than

To give up on myself altogether

At The Crossings

There lies a junction of smoke and fog
made of silence woven in thirsty logs,
From trees whose leaves well long have fell
on tracks that’ve lost it sound and bells.

It fences this land, from one none’s tread
a land of life from a land of dead,
But come the sound of a crossing green
and we’ll march on lands little have seen.

We, as a civilization have been progressing uncontrollably. At such a rate it becomes
hard to keep track of the very meaning of progress itself. We’re at most in a blind
rally carrying banners that mean very less to us and are thus perpetually set at an
internal and an external crossing. Unable to cross this barrier, we’re waiting for a
train to pass, a train of say ideas or wisdom or knowledge to open the barriers and
set us free.

In a world piling with stagnancy and monotony, fresh ideas and innovations are
required which will provide not only meaning, but solutions to this critical state we
dwell in. Though influential and macro ideas are surely needed, it is about time to
focus on the very primal level, of be art, technology, psychology, spirituality,
business etc. to actually create a wave of change.

TEDxMNITJaipur walks on a very straight and simple track.This track takes us to a
changed world, where not only new ideas are incubated, but ideas with deeper
purpose and designs are contemplated upon ,which reflect how well we’ve understood our innate design.